off the cob

At this time of year, when corn shacks and make-shift stands appear in every gas station or parking lot you pass, it's hard to resist bringing home a baker's dozen (and why would you want to?). And while I love a good cob on its own -- boiled, grilled, microwaved, whatever! -- there is a corn-on-the-cob saturation point. 

I've got two really good recipes to share whether your feeling like you can't face another cob or your ear-to-eater ratio is out of whack and you need to feed more of a crowd than your cob count can handle....

Both start by standing that cob on its end, cutting off the kernels, and throwing them in a frying pan (cast iron if you've got it!) with some oil.

Cook and stir occasionally -- my favourite part is when they start to pop! Nope, you won't end up with anything fluffy, white and movie-watching worthy, but they will let you know when they're cooked!

The first recipe also uses up the tomatoes that are rapidly ripening in your garden now --  Click here for toasted corn, tomato and edamame salad

And the second recipe incorporates two of my favourite food groups -- Sriracha and lime -- so you can't go wrong there! Click here for the sriracha-lime corn salad Note, I made this one for a lactose intolerant crowd and omitted the cheese.... but if you can find (and digest!) Mexican "queso fresco" it's definitely worth the splurge!


  1. Older Sister of Your Man3 September 2015 at 18:20

    Num num num num num. My Youngest Twin loves Sriracha - I will send this on to him. Is this corn from your garden??? The Dog and your Man have amazing green thumbs.

    1. Sadly our corn crop this year was somewhat underwhelming. We consider ourselves lucky to live just a few communities over from some of the best corn-growing land there is, so it's never in short supply during the season (which suddenly is over!)


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