a room of one's own

I have to admit to being more than just a little envious when Artist Daughter acquired her latest studio space. A place, where one can work on stuff no matter how messy, shut the door mid-craft and return again whenever there's a spare moment.... heavenly! A space that no one else would want to use anyway, because it is so suited to just that specific purpose for which it was created...

Let me introduce you to my new Sewing Studio. I expect great things to happen here!

Now that grey wall is what makes this place really special! A huge thank you goes out to My Guy for building it with me last night --even though he was skeptical it would work (and I was a more than a little worried myself!) .... It's a quilt design wall, made of flannel (and insulation boards) and fabric sticks to it!  Look! No pins!

Lucky lucky me!


  1. Older Sister of Your Man10 November 2015 at 08:19

    So nice to have you back! This room is simply perfect. And beautiful. And I too expect great things to come from it. <3

    1. Thanks! hoping to get in there this week...!


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