raindrops on roses

Currently a few of my favourite things:

Wool pennies -- made from felted wool thrift store sweaters. Crazy fun to make. I'm searching Pinterest for ideas of what to do with them, but don't really like anything I've seen so far. So for now I'll just make....

And old Christmas ball ornaments. These I found at a local thrift store. The trick is find real old glass ones (you can guess at the age by the look of the metal top) that aren't crazy expensive, because apparently I'm not the only one with a nostalgic affection for these.

Trivia note -- it's almost impossible to take a photo of a Christmas ball without your own camera-toting reflection smack in the middle of the photo.

Also, in case you were wondering whatever happened to the von Trapp family singers after the classic Christmas trek over the alps singing about kittens and string (because I know that song has been playing in your head since the beginning of this post)... wonder no longer. This of course is the current generation:


  1. Older Sister of Your Man8 December 2015 at 08:43

    Hey!!! There are two new things on the side - your Instagram photos and an Inspiration box!! So cool. Are there other new things too? I'm listening to the von Trapps as I write to you here. Beautiful voices. You could attach your pennies to a quilt? They are cute. I bought antique Christmas ornaments from a local antique shop years ago. Your nostalgia for them resonates with me. This is a fabulous blog entry DoOver. Well worth the wait. xo

    1. Awww. Thanks for nice words! Yup, things change around here from time to time. Sort of working on a master plan but have a long way to go. Feedback is always appreciated!


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