the rescue

As predicted in this little post way back when, it has taken a loooong time to finish this one. In the end I spent a marathon day last Sunday completing the last of the quilting and then binding it. I've developed quite a nice callus on my left index finger that I should really work at maintaining -- maybe a New Year's promise to myself. The photos are harsh... I didn't have the chance to take them in natural light, but better bad pictures than none at all I suppose!

the front

the back 
(wow, the camera has a hard time figuring out what to do with this pattern!)

and a few details I quite like; 
the binding, for example, switches from green to yellow to match the background fabric 
(and, ahem, because there actually wasn't enough green left)

the quilting; 
I switched from traditional outlining style to some free form lines in the background between the fans.
I will definitely do more of this for the next project.

the label;
 (for an explanation of the quilt's name, see the link at the top of the this post) 
I really wish Beverly could have seen it.

Goodbye, little quilt, I'm going to miss you. 


  1. Older Sister of Your Man17 December 2015 at 20:54

    This breaks my heart all over again. Little quilt is beautiful. Where is she going? Mom loves her. Thank you for finishing. Two months ago today......

    1. so glad the quilt made it home. I know she'll be loved :)


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