gilding the ducky

It's a new year but have you noticed? No one is talking about resolutions these days. They are, however, "making plans" and "promising" to do things differently. Call it what you will, this is the time to do-over whatever in your surroundings needs a re-think!

Here's an example from last weekend: give Environmental Son a duck and he'll give you -- a classier version of said duck!

How cool is this?

He painted a large fish and a dolphin too, but they have found a home in his apartment.

On a side note, the post title was inspired by Shakespeare's expression (about "gilding the lily") which is actually about unnecessarily adorning something that is already beautiful. Let's face it, a rubber ducky, especially an odd one like this, is pretty awesome all by itself. No adornment needed. But, give it a lick of spray paint and really, it's elevated to a whole new level!

So I say go ahead and gild away -- necessary or not! Make your resolutions, and call them anything you want! Underneath the new words they still are the same but maybe just a bit more palatable. This blog is all about second chances so here we go again -- let's take on this new year creatively!


  1. Older Sister of Your Man7 January 2016 at 17:16

    Totally cool! Now I'm looking around the house for things to spray paint silver.....

    I suppose continuing on with painting the walls counts as a resolution/DoOver, right?


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