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It's January, which means that 50% of the population is currently trying some sort of internal digestive system cleanse -- and let me just say here, please don't -- while another 40% of the population is contenting themselves with cleansing some part of their house / cupboards / attic / garage etc... I know this because just about every phone call or message I've gotten this week has been from some charity group wanting to pick up my unwanted bits to resell --- to the other 10% of us who know that really January is just PRIME THRIFT STORE SHOPPING SEASON! All of that tossed clutter is going somewhere!

I will admit to being bitten a little by the reorganization bug (and the zen of getting back to basics), though possibly only because it allows for more room for thrifty treasures.

So, I'm currently obsessed with embroidering 100% linen cloth for dish towels (basics):


mason jar storage (reorganization)!

And why not? You can see what you've got, and how much, and I suspect glass storage is probably better for your intestinal tract in the long run anyway (and infinitely better than any cleansing solution you might ingest -- again, really, just don't)...

But do enjoy all of those jarred up whole grains, beans and the pulses the UN is so excited about this year (more info here)! I guarantee it will do more for your insides than any "cleanse"! Happy January!


  1. Older Sister of Your Man15 January 2016 at 08:27

    Wanna hear something weird? Before Christmas I went to the fabric store and purchased linen that was on a super duper sale to make T-towels. It is freshly washed and waiting to be ironed, cut into the right lengths, hemmed and then embroidered. Really really. Man I love this blog.

    1. Awwww -- thanks for the love! I'd love to see your creations when they are done! I've delivered the bat set to Batman's kitchen. Still working on the bug set.


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