circles and squares

There's a fair bit of math in quilting. Which is why it appeals to math-minds. It's also why, when you look for patterns or books on quilting, you will inevitably find plenty that promise to "do the math for you". Because quilting also appeals to non-math-minded people. I readily admit, I fall somewhere in the middle. Which is why Math-Whiz Son helped me with this one quite some time ago (exclaiming gleefully, "oh! we just did this in calculus!")

My personal version of quilting calculations tend to go more like this: 
38 episodes of Longmire on Netflix times 58 minutes an episode = 2,378 minutes 
(about 39 and a half hours) to complete the hand-quilting.

Then again, who's counting...

I made the centre wedge at a workshop. The instructor commented about the "watery" quality of the fabrics and that stuck with me. I wanted to avoid a bulls-eye effect, so I thought I would experiment with some log cabin in one corner. The circle reminds me of a cross cut log and so I call this one... "Waterlogged".

And in keeping with the theme, there's a waterfall down the back!


  1. Older Sister of Your Man26 February 2016 at 17:24

    I love it. It is beautiful. It is perfect. This whole blog is just one great big pleasure. Thank you Dog.


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