hoop dreams

Quite some time ago, Thrift-Store-Super-Shopper Daughter, gave me a wonderful bunch of embroidery hoops. Some were wood, some metal, all different sizes. They are great for embroidery.

But... they are also sculptural, and I wanted to use them somewhere I could see them, rather than keeping them tucked away in the sewing studio.

On an impulse, I bought this lovely Jasmine vine. I'm not sure how well it will do -- I think it will need to stay in the greenhouse over winter, but we may want to boot it out in the summer for space reasons, so it needs to be mobile. 

Enter the hoop trellis... 

I have to say I'm quite thrilled with the results!


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    1. Thank you! Though it's hard to make a jasmine vine look ugly...

  3. Older Sister of Your Man10 March 2016 at 14:35

    I LOVE IT TOO!!! This is another stellar example of a DoOver. xo

    1. Thanks -- yes I thought it fit in thematically quite well with the spirit of the blog!


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