room at the inn

When is a wooden salad bowl not a salad bowl?
When The Dog gets a hold of it.
Then it's a bug hotel.

I almost felt badly because the sweet elderly volunteer at the checkout at my favourite hospital thrift store was so excited about my purchase of the lovely wooden salad bowl. I think that if they knew what I do with the items I purchase there they might ban me from the place altogether...

The jury may be out on whether or not building an insect habitat like this holds much of an environmental punch or is more about art and awareness. There are public installations of these all over the place though so I wanted one too. A common question I get is, which kind of bugs does it encourage -- surely only the beneficial ones? Well, yes, that's the idea... although bringing any insects to your yard also encourages the things that eat them, like birds.

See more here.

And it's kind of pretty, don't you think?


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