revealing! part 1

Round robin quilt projects are popular in quilting guilds and for good reason. The idea is that each participant makes a centre block of their choosing, then passes the quit along (possibly with some fabrics) to the other participants who each, in turn, add one border around the original block. Sometimes there are real rules, or just suggestions, for each round of border adding, and sometimes there aren't. But there are always timelines and this can make them a daunting commitment to take on.

So, Brilliant Girlfriend, her Mom and I decided to give it a go on a smaller, less structured, scale -- as in "hey, have you done your part yet? No? okay, maybe next week. Or the week after...". Plus, we like each other, so we won't be judgmental of fabric / colour / design choices, not that there was anything to worry about because --- Whoa! well, you can see for yourself...

This is the first "reveal" -- each of us has had a go on each of the quilts and they are now returned to the original maker to start another round.

Brilliant Girlfriend's

Her Mom's


It amazes me how each one takes on a personality of its own.

I'll "reveal" the finished products at the end of the process (hopefully with better photos) in a few weeks time.... or whenever we manage to get them done!


  1. Older Sister of Your Man4 April 2016 at 08:30

    How cool is that!?!?!? I love the process, the community that develops and the creativity that comes from this. They are all beautiful. Just beautiful. xo

    1. I agree -- quite stunning. I'm excited to see where the creativity takes them next.


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