tomato whispering

It's started, and yes, it's early. But so many things out there are early this year that it seemed worth a try. So we splurged on a few tomato plants and we're hoping to coddle them along to an early crop with a few tricks -- new and old -- to nurture them on their way.

First we replenished the soil in the greenhouse and added a homemade fertilizer mix (new and new). We bought a variety of plants -- varying in both size and type to help increase the odds. My Guy, the tomato whisperer, laid them out where he wanted them -- in the sunniest corner.

The Ceramicist in the family made clay watering pots to order for us after we saw some at a trade fair (new to us, but an old idea). The unfinished clay is porous and will allow the water to seep out -- the roots grow to surround the buried pot and draw the water out. As tomatoes are notoriously thirsty, and like a consistent water supply, this is an exciting addition to our bags of tricks this year!


And finally you'll notice that I've stripped the plants of lower branches and leaves and buried them lying down with quite a bit of the stem underground. This little trick we picked up from Dick Raymond's classic book.(been doing this for years, so this one is old)

They do look rather sad when you first plant them...

But the very next day they popped straight up and seemed quite happy!

So now we wait.
Meanwhile, just outside the door of the greenhouse though, this incredible show is going on -- about 3 weeks ahead of schedule:

The magic of these spring beauties just never gets old to me!


  1. Older Sister of Your Man24 April 2016 at 15:18

    I love your creativity and innovation. Whether it is new or the Do-over of an old, it is always intriguing. Make sure you plant lots of basil to go with those lovely tomatoes. The Tomato Whisperer will be thrilled with this when he gets home. <3

    1. The basil starts are already an inch or 2 high and the second wave are just sprouting under the grow lights now! On it!


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