and on that farm we made some sauerkraut

UBC has a farm.
And on that farm there is a kitchen.
And in that kitchen they do workshops.

So the Youngest Family Foodie and I went there to learn about fermenting foods!
Why? Because fermented foods are yummy, and healthy, and easy to make too. They are found in every ethnic cuisine in one form or another and I bet you've eaten lots and not even realized it (like CHOCOLATE)!

Want to know more about it? Start with Michael Pollan's series (episode 4 "Earth") on Netflix

We started with sauerkraut.

And if you ask me what you might do with sauerkraut I totally understand. Until a very short time ago I really didn't know much about it, other than it was nice on the occasional hot dog. But, seriously, this is not the same stuff they serve at the tubesteak stand... this is alive, and zesty and full of all kinds of great bacteria your gut needs right now! And... it's great on salads, in soups, on stews and sandwiches... just about anywhere. Think of it as your seasoning -- add it instead of salt (I guarantee there's less salt here than in any prepared condiment or processed food). If your not into making your own, though, go ahead and buy some -- but to get the health benefit make sure it's the unpasteurized kind, sold in the refrigerated section with no vinegar in the ingredients. Ours was made with cabbage and salt. Period.  

Next we moved on to pickled vegetables -- the two year old pickled garlic we tried was incredible!

The best part is that you can adjust according to your own tastes... want it more sour? let it sit longer. Want it more mild? Pack it up and refrigerate sooner. You can pickle just about anything (except super sweet things that turn to wine... unless that's your goal).

And now we've got various bread concoctions on the go... Ethiopian Injera and a classic sourdough starter.

As well, The Youngest Family Foodie is making fermented sodas, ginger beers, etc.. 
Fermented foods. They grow on you!


  1. Older Sister of Your Man16 May 2016 at 08:05

    The art and science of food all wrapped up in one. Good gut health to you Dog!!

    1. :)
      First batch almost gone... time to make more!


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