a (not so) challenging weekend

We spent yet another relaxing weekend at the cabin. There was time for leisurely cooking, a bit of walking, some photography, a paddle around the lake, and some crafting. Not bad for a 2 night stay eh?

I took a swack of photos, unfortunately I made the rookie mistake of not checking my settings or looking at anything I'd taken and.... while I'd love to say that the interesting effect of over-exposure in this shot was intentional, I can't. In fact, it was the only shot of the bunch that was salvageable.

The "crafting" portion of the weekend included a different kind of challenge... the "Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild English Paper Piecing Challenge" to be specific. Have a look at #vmqgeppchalenge on Instagram to see what others in the group are up to.

Basically, the task was to experiment with the new-to-me technique of paper piecing using a somewhat challenging selection of fabrics (generously provided by the guild).

At the same meeting in which the challenge was presented, I also was the lucky recipient of a door prize that included some more fabric samples so I took it on myself to incorporate those as well, hoping to make something cohesive out of it all.

As it's all hand-done, it's perfect for the cabin where there's no electricity to run a machine but lots of time to sit and sew. 

I have a bit of an idea where this is all going, but it's still both a work in progress and a challenge -- a good one. 


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