buzz words

Pure. Natural. Whole. Simple. Clean. Eco-friendly.

These are the buzz words of this generation. The words that make us stand up and take notice. The ones that make us feel good and open up our wallets to dish out the goods...

I really liked these 100% linen dishcloths but $20 is a bit steep for something I want by the stackful.

I also really liked this idea -- a proving cloth for bread baking. The price tag for this one is actually quite reasonable, but hey, it's pretty easy to make after all.

So, for the cost of a piece of linen ($15 I think?), and a few tears and curse words while getting the old serger going again, I made 6 dishcloths AND a proving cloth. So add "homemade" to the list of feel-good words!


  1. Older Sister of Your Man17 September 2016 at 20:31

    Aaaaaah! A Blog from The Dog!! Long over due. I know exactly which things from Doing Stuff you are talking about in this post. I've wanted those linen t-towels too, but I agree $20US is waaaaay too expensive. Another buzz word you could add to the dishclothes is "gluten free". Alas, same can't be said for the proving cloth :) And lastly, I'd say that the tears and curse words were worth it. Hope you feel the same.

    1. You're right -- definitely not a "gluten free" zone here! I think there will be more linen and serger-work in the Dog's future. And hopefully better photography too (wow, these are badly done)!


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