on the 11th day of December my blogger gave to me...

Pinterest inspiration

Because opening your Pinterest page can be like falling into an inter-galactic wormhole and no one has time for that this month, I've done the holiday searching for you! I suggest you set an alarm before linking along below or you could find yourself in some distant universe far later in the day than you intended!

Sweet Paul Magazine --- glitter and spice and everything nice (or just a little bizarre)

Maya Donenfeld (MayaMade) -- rustic and homey. I really like this twig wreath

Woon Magazine -- for a ton of variations on keeping-a-tree-in-water like this one

Daniela Andrews (Curious Citizen) -- country charm meets glitz and quirkiness. The Miley ornaments? oh ya!

Honest Alchemy -- mostly mood photos with the odd crafty link. I can't really pick a favourite, but these cookies in a vintage tin really appeal

Thuis Met Moon -- take greenery and wood and add a touch of sparkle or tiny lights. Gorgeous!

The Art of Doing Stuff -- This Canadian do-it-yourself-er is not afraid of a glue gun, or power tool! Up your gift-wrap game with dioramas or if you have unlimited time and patience, take your gingerbread house making to a whole new level.

Amy Salazar (Bungalow) -- just put a tree on it

Leva and Bo -- to prove that all you really need for Christmas are a brown paper bag and a sprig of rosemary. My favourite thing here is this poster of a tree which would be the perfect solution for apartment dwellers!

Pinterest is free, but you'll need an account to see most things. You can just follow people, boards or themes; if you choose to pin things to your own boards, you can make them public or secret.
Still with me? See you here tomorrow!


  1. Older Sister of Your Man11 December 2016 at 09:20

    Now that's an invitation to go down a rabbit hole! Perfect for sub-zero days curled up in front of the fireplace. And yup, still with you!

    1. Phew! Good to know my fan is still here!
      This comment went to spam, no idea why! I will have to keep an eye on what's happening with my comments from now on!


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