on the 21st day of December my blogger gave to me...


Christmas baking lists abound on the internet. Everyone has "The Ultimate Guide" on what to bake from classic to fancy to international. As for me, I'm thinking the "something borrowed, something blue" approach to selecting might be the way to go...

As in something crunchy (Double Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti)
something nutty (Mostaccioli -- which unintentionally look like meatballs)
something spicy (Mexican Wedding Cookies with cayenne)
something traditional (Maple Butter Tarts)

(These aren't the actual recipes I used, except for the last one, but the closest ones I could find online. You get the idea)

One thing you WON'T find on this list is anything "oatmeal, flax, bran blah blah blah". I might give books for Christmas gifts but there is no way I'm gonna ruin the holiday baking selection with an oxymoron like "healthy treats". Save those for sober January days.

And the perfect soundtrack to all this kitchen mayhem? The Big Chill Movie Soundtrack. On Vinyl.


  1. Older Sister of Your Man21 December 2016 at 17:35

    You've inspired me again. I've wanted to do some Christmas baking the past 3 days but didn't get around to it. Well, today I did. :)

    1. I'll admit, the pound of butter was "softened" on my countertop four separate days before I actually got started on the actual baking!


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