on the 3rd day of December my blogger gave to me...

6 snuggle-worthy series suggestions!

Need something cozier than an ugly Christmas sweater to get you through the weeks ahead? How about a Netflix binge -- I'm only including multi-episode shows here for just that. And if you don't have Netflix, this may just inspire you to ask a Santa for a year's worth...

The Bridge -- yes, it's subtitled. But you will very quickly stop noticing that as you are drawn into the complex mystery that spans each 10 episode season (there are 3 so far). I challenge you to not love the socially challenged lead detective Saga.

Dicte -- When we ran out of episodes of The Bridge, we ended up here next to get our intrigue and subtitle fix. Also very good if not quite as captivating.

Offspring -- I almost wish there were subtitles for this one occasionally -- it's Australian. Hilarious but with sobering moments as well and you'll find yourself wondering why everyone in this family can't ALL be happy at the same time but alas, they can't. I love it anyway.

Chef's Table -- food, chefs, restaurants. Fascinating stuff... have your gourmet snacks ready.

Cooked -- 4 episode documentary with Micheal Pollan that will teach you all you didn't know about food. Some of this stuff is stomach churning... maybe skip the snacks while watching this one.

Gilmore Girls -- start at the beginning of the original series if you REALLY want a marathon (and for sure if you, somehow, missed it the first time around). The new "Year in the Life" is only a 6 hour binge. Hardly a binge at all really.

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  1. Older Sister of Your Man3 December 2016 at 09:34

    I totally agree with your take on The Bridge and Dicte. Hell on Wheels is a good ol' western set during the development of rail into the western us. Then there is a brilliant BBC series called The Detectorists. Loved it. Offspring is next on my binge list.

    1. Detectorists shows up on my "suggested" list -- I'll look into it!

  2. Older Sister of Your Man3 December 2016 at 09:35

    Cute toes by the way.


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