on the 4th day of December my blogger gave to me...

Something naughty

No list for us today! The internet is full of lists and rules -- "5 foods you should NEVER eat", "12 things you have to do EVERY DAY to be successful" -- rules for living, relating, decorating, dressing, investing, coping.

Today I give you permission to throw away the rules! Go do something "naughty"... there's still time to make amends with Santa before he crosses you off the gift list. Tell him "the dog" made you do it!

For anyone who's ever stressed about keeping up with the rules written or unwritten in life, I give you just this one link... (warning, "zesty" language ahead -- if that bothers you, stop right here and I'll see you tomorrow with some more family-friendly content!)

Note, just for today, I don't wanna know what you did. Let's keep it your little secret. We'll just meet up again tomorrow and pretend this never actually happened, shhhhhh....


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