Ha! I bet you thought this was going to be some sort of New-Year-Resolution-like-plan-for-personal-development-in-the-coming-year-type post.

Nah. Instead, we're going to play a game! It's called "What's growing (intentionally) on your counter at the moment?"

Here's mine....

Sprouts -- seriously they are so cute! and (I think) safer when they are made at home in clean and controlled conditions and eaten fresh. Super easy too and "sprouting seeds" (which are non-treated) are readily available now in a ridiculous array of kinds.

Kambucha -- naturally carbonated, fermented (but non-alcoholic) tea drink that's great for the digestion and tastes good -- even to a non-tea drinker like me. The somewhat grotesque blob on the bottom is the "mother" and with each batch she creates a new grotesque blob on the top called the "daughter". What's not to love.

What's not growing at this moment is Kimchi, because the batch made recently by Fermenting-Son is in the fridge and I'm still working at learning to love it. It is an acquired taste mostly because you have to get past the smell that seems to be screaming "NO-NO-NOT-OKAY-TO-EAT-DEFINITELY-SOMEWHAT-ROTTEN!"

And ditto for the sauerkraut which I also have in the fridge at the moment in ample quantity (but have learned to love despite the punch-in-the-face odor).

However, when I am ready to make MORE, I have this wonderful new absolutely massive bowl to do it in thanks to my secret Santa, aka The One In the Middle!

Okay, your turn! What have you got growing?


  1. Older Sister of Your Man6 January 2017 at 18:59

    Nothin'! But this reminds me of the seed packs I bought at that fantastic garden store you and Your Man took us to last spring. Maybe I will get those going. I've got "Hard Red Wheat" and "Green Hunter Blend". Which one to start???

    P.S. YOU'RE BACK!!!! :)

    1. I don't know the green hunter blend.. but you can't go wrong with either!


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