the dog: August 10, 2002 - January 21, 2017

On a day when people all over the world were uniting and marching and protesting the craziness that is happening to the south of us, we said goodbye this wonderful dog. Much has been written about learning all we need to know in Kindergarten, but I'd like to consider adding a few tips from this dog's life:
  • enjoy each meal as though you're never sure where or when your next will be
  • show everyone how glad you are to see them, every single time
  • if someone offers you food, pats or a hug, just take it
  • if you're happy, show it, if you're not, let 'em know that too
  • always be game for a car ride or walk, even if you've just been seriously napping
What a year we've had. I heard someone on the radio sum it up by quipping that "David Bowie has created his own alternate universe and is selectively populating it one person at a time." I'd like to imagine that  David, Alan, Prince, Leonard, ZsaZsa, George, Carrie and Debbie now have a dog.

She has been my muse since the very beginning of this blog (see this post here). I miss her very much. 


  1. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul. We miss her too.

  2. Older Sister of Your Man24 January 2017 at 22:55

    She will always be in our hearts. <3


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