a new language

I knit a hat. And I learned SO MUCH that I decided to knit another one. And I learned from that too! Because knitting, it seems, is like learning a new language.

How so? Well, there is vocabulary -- knit, purl, ssk, k2to, RS, psso etc. And, as in any language, simply "translating" new vocabulary into "English" doesn't mean you understand what's going on. So after learning some of the basics, I decided to play around a bit and practice my "fluency". The thing is that knitting (like cooking and sewing) produces a fair bit of LEFTOVERS -- half balls of yarn that stare at you forlornly asking you to make something out of them.

So, I started a bunting (yet another current obsession). Playing with patterns, making things up as I go along and learning to "read" this new language -- as in: what stitch am I looking at? what should come next? and, most importantly, where have I gone wrong? I've done a lot of "tinking", which is knitting backwards (literally! KNIT - TINK, get it?). So much so I've probably made at least three hats' worth of stitches in the process.

And because the best way to really learn a new language is to be bold and use it, next up on the needles is something REALLY BIG!


  1. Oldest(?) niece14 March 2017 at 10:57

    Pretty yarn! Is it malabrigo?

    1. Yes! the first three balls are anyway. The last project is with something else that's not nearly as yummy, but also not so pricey. If it turns out well I may splurge on the next one!

  2. Older Sister of Your Man14 March 2017 at 20:14

    Beauty! Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting!!


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