cloudy with a chance of marling

I've knit my first blanket, inspired by this pattern from Koel magazine. While I loved the gradient colour progression of the original, I wanted a splash of something interesting in it, hence the green.

Only after I actually completed it did I learn that this technique for colouring (using two strands of yarn simultaneously) is called "marling". I love it. The blanket itself is heavy (1.5 kg of yarn), and the stripey pattern is more subtle than an actual stripe would be, almost giving it movement.

I don't know if knitters name and label their creations as quilters do, but this one is getting both -- a name and a label -- from me:

By coincidence, the blog's new theme and layout seem to "match" the blanket. That's not intentional, but obviously a sign of what's aesthetically in my head at the moment.


  1. Older Sister of Your Man28 March 2017 at 09:09

    Love!! The new look of the blog, the blanket, the label, your creativity and innovation. Everything!!!


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