for the love of....

broken dishes and small animals and an artist daughter.

Last September I presented Artist Daughter an unfinished quilt for her birthday... and last weekend I finally finished it! What took me so long? Let me try to describe the creative process I go through with each and every project I take on:

  1. hey, I have an idea!
  2. I love this, this is going to be fantastic!
  3. actually, this is not turning out quite like I envisioned
  4. this was not such a good idea, how am I going to fix it?
  5. this is ugly, what was I thinking?
  6. maybe it's not so bad
  7. actually this might be working out...
  8. now go back to step 1 and repeat the process multiple times  (it's hard to work through this on a scheduled timeline)

"Broken dishes" is one of many names given to quilts made with half-square triangles. It seemed really appropriate for a my Ceramicist Offspring. I took this photos of the quilt in it's new home -- notice the "shard garden" in the bottom of the picture. It's the place behind the studio where the things that didn't quite work out go to (usually with a satisfying "craaashhhhh").

"Small animals" are another of the great loves of my Kind and Compassionate Offspring. As is green. I am thrilled to realize (very after the fact) that it "goes" perfectly with the pink couch and geometrically painted floor in their current little house.

Ahhh. Not so bad after all I think!


  1. I totally understand your creative process! The quilt is wonderful and a perfect fit for its recipient.

    1. Thank you! I kind of figured I wasn't the only one who goes through that process!

  2. Older Sister of Your Man20 April 2017 at 07:58

    Bravo. It is perfect in every way. Even the creative process was perfect. It was a privilege to witness the completion of this beauty, and the moment when you gifted it to your Kind and Compassionate Daughter. I can still see her curled up in it on the couch, savouring the gift and loving it, and you.

    1. Thanks -- I do think it's well appreciated by its recipient!

  3. Your creative process can be applied to having kids, no? This is a lovely post....


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