fraternal twins

Quite literally cut from the same cloth -- namely a thrifted large size Cotton Ginny 55% linen, 45% cotton shirt dress -- these two aprons definitely share a genetic resemblance, but they each have their own personality....

I made one from the front of the dress and the other from the back, using the sleeves to both widen the apron skirt and make the removable ties.  There really isn't anything left over and the shaping in the original dress (both front and back) make for a nice fit.

Note the very cool crate shelf on the wall -- a Christmas gift from The-One-in-the-Middle's lovely fiance!


  1. I love them! One of these days we will have to make aprons together so I can learn.

    PS: Your crate looks awesome, I love that you hung it on the wall!

    1. Yes! Let's do that! I actually have a few more linen shirts in my stash and the pattern was just a tracing of an apron I liked years ago. Super easy!

  2. Older Sister of Your Man4 February 2018 at 15:40

    I saw this post when it first came out, and of course I was thrilled with it as usual. What a fabulous DoOver!!! I will keep my eye out for linens like this as well. You may recall a cashmere vest that was purchased at a certain consignment store in Surrey recently. While it fits me okay, it isn't something I would wear much. So, go ahead and dream big dreams about how "we" could DoOver that vest. It has such a pretty and delicate knit pattern around the bottom, would be nice to see it in some innovative new form. :)

    I also note the beautiful "Portrait of a Lady" on your crate from Fiancée. It is perfect there and I am so glad to share her with you.

    p.s. Note to Genius Boyfriend: I am posting this from my computer using Firefox.


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