crackers for dinner

We planned a little pre-Christmas getaway to Salt Spring Island last month which turned out lovely, if not quite as planned. We were prepared for rain -- it's winter, and the west coast, so, naturally -- but we hadn't really expect the windstorm of the decade to happen while we were there. Ah well, we're pretty hardy and resourceful. We had enough crackers to feed us dinner, wood to keep the stove going, and managed to buy candles at the only store in town that dared be open without power (cash only, lit up with battery-powered Christmas lights). Though downed trees prevented us from exploring many of the areas we'd planned to, it's such a beautiful island we couldn't be disappointed with what we did see. Here's proof:


  1. Older Sister of Your Man21 January 2019 at 22:18

    Well, your photography skills are certainly still stellar. Simply beautiful. In spite of the weather, it looked gorgeous out there, and you made the best of a challenging time. So is this the new normal? A new blog post every 5 days? I can certainly live with that! <3

    1. I won't call it a "resolution", but I will say it's a goal to blog more regularly (say weekly?) for awhile anyway, for a variety of reasons. Nice to know you're along for the ride!


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