Why the Blog?

So the dog is my muse, but she's not the reason for the blog, nor will the blog be about her.  Actually, there are many reasons for the blog;
  • it's all part of the Alzheimer's Avoidance Program, which includes; the guitar lessons, the yoga classes, the sewing projects, and fresh squeezed juice.
  • We are, I think, about to embark on a very large (read expensive), very complex (expensive), and time consuming (time is money) renovation to the house.  It would be nice to have a record of its progress.  Having said that, progress is already incredibly slow, so I'll need to supplement with other "redo" projects along the way while I hone my blogging skills.
  • Besides, it's cool, and everyone's doing it. --except I wouldn't say that.  Only a 12 year old would.