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 How's everyone doing? Tough year, eh? Anyone else feel like burning up the last 12 months and starting fresh? It's been particularly tough here, though the winter weather didn't throw anything at us we couldn't handle and we're thankful for that. In early March we lit our burn pile of detritus from the previous year and I think there was something therapeutic in that. BURN covid! BURN lockdowns! BURN holidays spent without family! BURN cancer and hatred and politics and all the ugly news we've endured these last 12 months! Ah! Now that feels better, doesn't it? It may be that we just passed the one-year-on-the-farm mark or it may just be that it's officially spring now, but this seems more like the start of a new year than the mid-winter holiday did. Because spring means we get a second chance and this year (though maybe this is true every year) the possibilities seem pretty endless. There are the things we didn't manage to do the first time around,

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