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A very special finish

 Over several months in 2019, 6 women worked individually on six collective projects. We had no idea at the time that distant collaboration would become a very common theme in so many people's lives in the following year. We were amazed at how, through snail-mail, email and social media we could co-ordinate and create six beautiful quilt tops with each individual contributing equally to each one. Physical distancing and zoom calls were unknown to us at the time -- we were just creating as best we could given that we lived cities, provinces and time zones apart. I suppose the pandemic has taught everyone else what we already experienced -- it can be done, despite the complications.  I posted about the project and my completed quilt top in  this post in August, 2019 . And now, finally, it's complete -- quilted and bound. I did, as I said I might, add embroidery to several areas -- all of it inspired by plants and critters found at the cabin. I quilted each border differently, dic

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