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Population explosion

2 humans, 1 dog, 17 chickens, and now 20,000 bees (and counting)... The population of Barley Acres has just skyrocketed! It started as a wouldn't-it-be-nice idea and somehow snowballed to a point where we found ourselves driving 2 hours to pick up two nucleus colonies (nucs) to install in two brand new hives in the paddock that held miniature horses before we came along.  We're on a sharp learning curve here, with oh so many little critters in our care. There's new equipment! Bee suits! Tools! and fascinating surprises every time we go in to check on them. The one thing we learned, even before getting our new little charges is that bees are like any other livestock -- they need regular care and attention if they are to survive and thrive. Each hive is named for it's queen -- we thought Vicky and Liz were appropriate. Here is Liz's colony at work: And here is Vicky -- this colony, incidentally, is the calmer of the two: On that day, we were looking at how they had ex

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