birth of a greenhouse

This past summer we began dreaming of a greenhouse. It took months to get from the planning/ ordering stage to actual construction, and weeks for the construction process itself -- 4 actual working days with lots of wait time between. 

For a while from a distance she looked like the hulking frame of a whale ribcage.

Or on closer inspection, like the hull of a very large boat.

And finally the other day, the construction crew returned to complete the set up.

So now, she has the photographic charm of a marshmallow in a field. 

But her proportions are still whale-like, and inside feels like the belly of a boat, protecting us from the elements. I'm eager for the snow to melt so I can let the chickens in there to scratch up the soil and add their own "special sauce" to the gravely base layer before we add topsoil, compost and rotted manure, 

In the meantime, she's changed the look of our place as a substantial addition to the landscape. And her location in what used to be a riding arena on the property puts an end to the common query about whether or not we'll be getting horses (uh, no.) And now there's nothing left to do but wait for spring. Bring on the seed catalogues!


  1. I am so impressed , we could have a party in there with the whole family....
    And it looks like you can grow vegies for the whole family, I love it

    1. I like this party idea! We can hang a disco ball from one of the ribs.

    2. Let's all party with the chickens in spring -- they'll love the disco ball Lea!

  2. Older Sister of Your Man22 November 2020 at 10:11

    I was hoping to see a blog article on the greenhouse!! Yay! So excited for you. Wondering how you will transport the chickens from their coop to the greenhouse...carry them one by one? Put them in a container? I'm pretty sure chickens can't be herded lol! Finally, can we come to the party too?

    1. Well, we were planning to use the milk crate carriers we rigged up for transporting Stu.... But if everyone comes to the party, we can each carry a bird or two, football style! Yer definitely invited!


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