flaxen-haired beauty

We were all devastated earlier this year when our first grandpuppy had to be euthanized under terrible circumstances.
Then, later this summer, this timid little doe-eyed sweetie came into our lives. No, one dog can never replace another, but this one -- who desperately needed a home and a lotta love -- is definitely working to heal old wounds.

Isn't he lovely?


  1. Older Sister of Your Man5 October 2018 at 07:58

    So precious! He looks absolutely lovely. I am so happy for him and for the whole family.

  2. Older Sister of Your Man5 October 2018 at 08:22

    One more thing. The new banner is beautiful. Light and airy and happy. I know you changed it a while ago, so wanted you to know that it was definitely noticed. <3

    1. Thank you! I took the banner photo at the cabin on my solo trip. I think fall might be my favourite season.


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