Survey says....

Remember Richard Dawson and the Family Feud?

Though that idea has been reincarnated in a modern version, I've never seen it.  Nor do I intend to.  The Feud was a classic in its day and sometimes you have to leave it at that. Game shows were to the 70s what reality shows are to today -- and I have no more appetite for either.
But this post isn't about that kind of survey.  It's about this:
A survey company is coming to measure... and then draw.  Haven't we been here before? The process is agonizing. The architect says we need a survey, we say "okay".  He asks numorous companies for quotes; several days later there are three to choose from and he recommends the cheapest one.  We say, "okay." (See a pattern here?)  Another day later an email arrives, asking us to approve the quote.  I print it, sign it, have Environmental Son scan it -- I email it back within an hour. "Okay," I said.  After the weekend, I phoned to ask when exactly they would be coming by as I need to be here to allow access to the backyard.  "Is there a rush?" she asks.  "Arggghhh" I think.  But what I say is, "I'm just eager." She says they'll let us know, but it won't be this week.


  1. Who is Environmental Son? Is it your second born? At some point you will take charge and "okay" won't be the answer you give. That will be a fun day...

    When is the next installment of Doing Something Over, like taking that garden gate and turning it into a new pair of pants???


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