City Hall Episode 2

I went again to City Hall -- as I knew I would need to -- but actually it wasn't much of an "episode", more like a footnote, really.  There have been phone calls and emails back and forth with various city employees as the permitting process evolves, but this time I had a paper to drop off in person.  I lucked out yet again as I was served by this clerk, and then once again by  this one. And yet again I managed to avoid this one, and this new one.  While I was there, this planner came out to meet me.  He wanted to tell me in person that he's ready to approve the plan!!!... with one minor adjustment.  No bay window in the kitchen.  Hah, bay window, smay window!  Who cares?  That was the architect's thing anyway. 

The Builder came by yesterday with a crew to set up these tree protection barriers:
Once the city inspects and approves these things, we'll be good to go!
As for yesterday's "to-do" list.... we managed to cross off 4-and-a-half items from the list.... sadly no one opted to mop the kitchen floor, but, as today promises to be a rain day, I'm still hopeful!


  1. Love the clerk and planner photos at city hall! I am so happy the plan will be approved!! My question is - what do they have against bay windows?

    Do you even read these comments?

  2. Yes, I read the comments. The bay window is a problem because it juts out into the side allowance. You can do this, but only a certain number of feet worth. There is another feature already existing on that side of the house that uses up the majority of the allowable footage, so there isn't enough for the bay window. But, that was kinda boring to explain in the post, so I left it out.


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