in one door and out the other

Or rather -- in with one door and out with the other
The barn door has left. Once magic is applied, it will look more barn-like. We might need a magical wish granted to have it back before Christmas.

The components cupboard door arrived the same day the other door left. Once the painters perform their brand of magic on it this Friday (and we find an appropriate knob) it will be beautiful. You can see the track of the missing door in these photos too.

Our "what's left" list is dwindling quite nicely.


  1. Your Man's Older Sister9 December 2011 at 22:12

    Could you post photos of your bar stools sometime? When is the harvest table from Awesome Brother-in-Law going to show up? Hope you are getting snail mail in your beautiful mailbox these days!!

  2. We don't have the stools yet.... but they are ordered and should arrive in the next week or so. Awesome Brother-in-Law is no longer making the table, but we hope to get the parts from him to do it ourselves. Snail mail has resumed!


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